Morris Maramaldi, a ten-year successful bartender based in Milan. His career be began at the Dude Club in Milan and then forward to places such as the Bulgari Hotel, the Apophis Club and the Portal Club of the Deus Ex Machina brand. Morris is a mixology’s philanthropist, a romantic visionary, a refined tailor with an alcholic soul, he is the result of a blood cocktail mixed with the Caribbean’s sea, Cameroon and the Naples’ coast. Today he’s a bar consultant trying to rewrite the definition of hospitality by creating bespoke concepts and unique experiences for his clients.

Bar Trender doesn’t mean just mixology, it’s a holistic approach to the whole drinking experience, starting with a multi-sensorial approach and leading to define the complete concept from the context, the mood, music, storytelling and, at the tip of the iceberg, the drink. Bar Trender means being a counselor where the client is the actor in the center of the scene and everything is well-orchestrated to deliver a unique, enhanced experience. It means being complete, bringing the know-how of mixology to an artistic direction that goes beyond a well-made drink.


Bar Owners

Full Consultancy

Creating a whole concept starting from the identity, location, staff, music, drinklist and mood. A tailor made service based on the most client’s intimate needs. From A to Z, without any compromise.

Staffing & Training

Selection of the staff based not only on the hard skills but also on the personality and character of each individual. A full training service starting from the method to the execution.

Location Scouting

Choosing the right location is the key for determining the success of a bar, starting from client’s vision we select few chosen places to fit every single need.

Drinklist & Product’s Choice

Creation of a unique drinklist with the best quality products to enhance the own personality and identity of every bar’s context.

Bar Area Interior Design Consultancy

The right disposition of the elements of a bar, it’s fundamental to make everything work at its best aligned with the chosen bartender methodology asset.



From the bar to the staff, right music choice and storytelling creation to for a bespoke event to create a unique experience for your guests.

Private Experience

Live a memorable time, in which you can taste and learn how to mix the best cocktails and essences at home. Together we can choose your bottles to create a premium private bar to let you be exactly where you want to be.

Bar tenders


Not only the mixology’s basis and fundamentals but a full training in what means being a Bar Trender by giving advices in how to interpret every single context in terms of products and personality.

Alcohol Brands

Rebranding & Positioning

We identify new business opportunities to redefine the company’s future by repositioning it and delineate the new visual identity guidelines.

Product Placement

Every flavour is unique and have its own history, we analyze every product to understand the value and its own versability and then we place it in viral projects, drinklist and we choose the right ambassadors for the brand.

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