Talent Sakè

In the age of collaborations different disciplines have become inextricably intertwined we aim to link together music and mixology, tracks and recipes, sounds and flavours with our bespoke services.
Today Italy is in a post lockdown stage where everyone is forced to change their way of experiencing cultural events due to the strict safety regulations and prevention protocols.
In such circumstances – according to Morris Mau’s vision – a better hospitality experience has to start from a more intimate approach towards the customers and by wilfully stimulating all their their senses. We want to create bespoke cocktails for the artists with a deeply defined scent and flavour, that could symbolise their music: that’s what we call Art Pairing!

The first application of this brand new concept is Talent sakè, a premium service hosted by Apparel Drink, aimed at artists who want to design a very own cocktail to promote their image through a 4-hands collaboration with professional mixologists, in order to create a bespoke signature drink

Apple Lopazz

Renetta Apple Sherbet
cedar juice
*Ferdinand’s dry gin
club soda, to top
 *Essentia Black Pepper Oil


Kisk Sour

egg white
lemon juice
simple sugar syrup
*artichoke liquor
*River Mentana Dry Gin
rim of grated aged *Pecorino
*grapefruit / basil oil essential


Nouvel Vog

*Porcini Mushroom syrup
*Sake infused coffee
*Apple Cider
apple slices
*cardamom oil essential


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